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One of the frequent questions is “Is there something for my joints?” Or “Can you treat my back pain?” And similar questions about a whole host of other conditions like hypertension, migraine, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, rashes, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. and symptoms that couldn’t be diagnosed.

The answer is: generally yes! Most conditions can be treated with homeopathy. How far an improvement can go and whether the disease can be cured depends on the individual case. Even if a cure is not possible, like in severe cancer cases, homeopathy can relieve the pain and improve the person’s overall well-being. Refer to the page about homeopathy to understand its mode of action.

People of all ages benefit from using homeopathy. Babies and children can be treated very well and respond quickly to homeopathic treatment, since they normally don’t have a history of chemical medication. This includes physical issues like colics, flu, difficult teething, allergies (hay fever, asthma) and childhood diseases (mumps, measles, scarlet fever) as well as sleeping problems, emotional trauma or AD(H)D.

Adverse effects of vaccination are another area where homeopathy is effective. With Homeoprophylaxis we have an effective and harmless immunisation procedure as an alternative to conventional vaccination.

As the onset of chronic diseases is shifting to an earlier age continuously and a leading cause of death being chemical medication, homeopathic medicine is an excellent choice for adolescents and adults alike because of its non-toxic nature. Whether it is one of the increasing number of autoimmune disorders or deep grief, homeopathy provides a constructive and non-addictive way of addressing these issues.

Not only the immune system can be positively influenced through homeopathic care, but also imbalances in the hormonal system. Therefore many thyroid complaints like hyper-/hypothyroidism and problems concerning the female reproductive system can be corrected, often avoiding detrimental chemical or surgical treatments.

All the way up to old age and the last stage of life homeopathy is useful. In incurable cases it can nevertheless alleviate symptoms or ease the transition of parting from this life.

Forming a complete and holistic healing system seeing the person in its entirety, homeopathy furthermore is a support on a path of personal and spiritual growth. It can help dissolve limiting beliefs about oneself and lead to greater freedom and joy in life.

If you’re uncertain whether homeopathy can help you, please contact me for a free preliminary consultation.