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Natural Medicine

In nature there are remedies for every situation and complaint. Homeopathy as a complete healing system utilizes the curative effects of natural substances. These medicines activate the self-healing of the person and the organism regulates itself automatically. An internal balance is reestablished and disease can be overcome.

Holistic Approach

Homeopathy is a holistic and individual medicine. Holistic means that for the selection of a patient’s remedy all their essential aspects are taken into account. Amoung them are, besides currently existing symptoms, the patient’s clinical record and affections of their mind and emotions. So it’s not a consideraton of single organs or body parts. Likewise body, soul and spirit are not being viewed as separate, independent parts of the human being, but in conjuncion. In their constant interaction they constitute the person as a whole.

Individual Therapy

Every human being has their own personal combination of complaints. Apart from the visible and measurable appearances, the patient’s own perception takes centre stage in finding the optimal remedy. Personal experience and dealing with the disease receive special attention in homeopathy. It is thus a truly individualising medicine.