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Treatment details

To arrive at a suitable remedy I have a thorough and detailed conversation with the patient where I ask all about their presenting complaints and other strong influences in their history. Examination and medical diagnoses can give additional information. In cases where patients cannot speak for themselves, relatives or other persons close to the patient are consulted.

Typical progression

Homeopathy is an art and science that takes its time. For an initial consultation I calculate between 1 and 2 hours, for children less than for adolescents and adults. Sometimes further studying of the case is required after the consultation to determine the appropriate remedy.

The healing effect brought about by homeopathic remedies is gentle and deep. Depending upon the development of the patient’s state we arrange follow up appointments periodically.

The objective of a homeopathic therapy is to cure the patient as much as possible and remove blockages from advancing their development.


For my work I charge the following fees:

You can pay cash or by credit card.